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Patsy Seddon

I love this hat, makes me laugh every time. So many try to hide the fact they're breastfeeding but this proudly celebrates it. My breast fed baby boy is now a strapping lad of nearly 14. Thank you for generously sharing this pattern, there are several expectant mothers in my circle so guess what I'll be making! Patsy




I have made this hat regularly for baby showers for the past couple of years. It is always a hit! Best moment ever was the recipient who thought it was intended to keep her other boob warm unthil baby was ready to switch. That's when I started enclosing a picture with the gift tag.


That's hilarious!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!


I have given this - along with several other hats in the box - at baby showers. Best wrapping every is in a printed cupcake box (with a clear cellophane top) with a bow. They are always in stunned surprise when they see the 'nipple' peeking through. LOL


Oh I love that! What a fantastic idea! LOL

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