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April 11, 2012


Kimberly W.

Thank you for posting this! Gregg and I have been so intimidated to try broiling steaks for fear of wasting the money. We don't have a grill either so we've stayed away from trying this. I'll be trying this out soon!


Steak recipie looks great. I usually have to broil on my electric stove with the door open. Do you mean to broil with door open or closed.

Please advise and thanks


Glenna, do you set the oven to a specific temp, or is there just "BROIL" on your dial (or a button for BROIL)?


There really is a "broil" setting on mine which kicks on that upper coil but 550 degrees F would also be broiling temp. Thanks for asking. It's easy to get used to the specifics of my own stove and take it for granted that everyone's is marked the same way.


Kimberly--hey, I completely understand that. They're not cheap and it's hard to look at the price tag and then think "Am I going to ruin this and end up paying for another dinner to replace it?" But it's really not bad. Promise!

Adrienne--That works too. I broil with the door closed.

Donna Jean

Gotta make a steak for my man tonight and I'm using this. Only downside is how the broiler will turn my kitchen into a sauna, but no matter. Ah the sacrifices we make for home cooked food, mmm mmm mmm!


LOL! I hear that but go for it! Mmmmmm....steak...sounds like I need to stop by the grocery on my way home from getting my allergy shots...

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