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April 09, 2011



looks good can i get more then 2


Yes! Anytime you want to come over! Grin.


That's so interesting re sorghum. Where I come from (Queensland) sorghum is a grain that is grown mainly as feedgrain.

Sweet sorghum varieties have a high sugar content and can be made into sorghum syrup

I find regional and country differences in food names so interesting!


That is interesting. I've heard of sorghum for stock...I find those things really interesting too, the different names and how so many dishes are similar no matter where in the world you go. One of my favorites is polenta vs grits. Same thing!


Glenna this looks wonderful! Does the sorghum dissolve well? I cant wait to try this...


Jamie--Sort of yes and sort of no which made it even more interesting to me. The way I swirled it in the glass I started high enough that when I drank from that side I could taste the sorghum more distinctly. Then as the sorghum melted into the drink it became sweeter and more sorghum-y at the end so I liked that the taste varied a bit, made it a little more complex and fun to me.

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