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January 04, 2011


Glutton For Reward

I find few foods more refreshing than a simple apple. What a relief to find it in a hospital cafeteria where people need refreshment the most.

Glutton For Reward:



Absolutely! Thank you! Sometimes I think we get too involved in the process when the simple is really what's best for us and the best tasting!


When I was in the hospital for a month, just trying to eek out a little more time before kiddo was born, I often kept snacks in my drawer/table. A lot of the choices given on my meal plan weren't that great. Patients who are spending any length of time in the hospital should appreciate what yours is trying to do. Not to mention those who work there!


This is excellent news :) hopefully this will apply to hospital patients too! My dad was in hospital recently and the food choices were AWFUL!!


Kimberly--I know! There's a fine line between making things that are "homey" that people are used to and making good-for-you dishes but almost everything can be made better. I don't know about you but I just don't think chicken fried steak should ever be on a hospital menu. :-)

Catherine--I know! We love ours though. The "grab-and-go" stuff like veggies with dip and wraps and cheese and fruit trays disappear.

David C. Weber

The real problem lies more in metabolism and the hormones that control it. Hormones look at food calories differently. Without having a good understanding of hormones, it might appear that all calories are the same and if you eat less you will of course weight less.


I am living proof of that, David. I eat less than everyone I know and am heavier....

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