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May 13, 2009



Those would be the leftovers to leave behind ... so they didn't end on the behind ...
I'd sure try that salad next time, that is beautiful!!
Love your parfait!

Albany Jane

Haha, I love the "chick magnet" part. Foolish, yeah, but still funny.

And I love that parfait. Pineapples make my tongue itch, but it's worth it every time I pig out on them.


Tanna--That cracks me up--I'll have to remember that one!!!

Jane--Oh man, I'd be lost without pineapple. It's one of my fave flavors.


I love the pineapple parfait!
& the tuna dish looks very healthy, I tried to buy tuna at the weekend but the supermarket had sold out by 11am...methinks everyone else has been eating healthy except me! but I'm getting there...I'm sending Baz to shop now hee hee


Wow. By 11am? That's a lot of ppl clamoring for tuna!!! I think it's a summer thing, don't you? It seems like I'm always ready to "eat clean", as Sher used to say, when spring comes 'round.


Your diet is not going to work. There is loads of sugar in pasta, pineapple is at the top of the glycemic index as far as fruit goes. Carrots are up there too so avoid them for a while as well. What will work? Eliminate all sugars, that's right, all sugars for 2 weeks. Only eat seafood, beef, chicken and vegetables. No fruit, no rice, no pasta, no bread, no candy and of course no coke. Even diet drinks are bad because a new study reveals that they increase your appetite. Just try it. I know it sounds tough, but you will feel so much better after 2 weeks. This diet is called the South Beach Diet, I'm sure you've heard of it. Get the book, they have the perfect plan. I've followed it about 5 times now in about 5 years. I'm at day 18 now (After 14 days you re-introduce carbs that are on the low end of the glycemic index). In two weeks, I lost 6 pounds. All around the belly. Yup. If you have any questions, seriously email me, I'd be glad to help. :) Good day!


Thanks M. I appreciate that thoughts. Actually I am very familiar with South Beach Diet and that's one of the reasons I'm doing it this way. I specifically want to stop with the diets that tell me "absolutely no x" and try eating a healthy variety with plenty of everything good I'm supposed to have and not so much of the bad things like soda. And you know what? It IS working. I don't want to make the blog about numbers but I've lost a little over a pound each of the last few weeks and I don't feel deprived so for the while I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.

Thanks for the suggestions, though! I appreciate you taking time to comment and try to help me!


That parfait is to die for...and I want me some.

Pasta is like crack for me...I've switched to whole grain even, but then I eat more cause it's good for me. Damn.


Melly--LOL! Totally relate!

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