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February 19, 2009



You read my mind!
No joke- I've been meaning to email you to get your sandwich bread recipe since Christmas!

I got one of those loaf pans, and I can't seem to make the right amount of dough. It either doesn't hit the top or its way too much.

Yes! You have no idea how excited I am about this.

Miriam Gittel

Yeah, if I ate this bread...I'd have a have a square body too, however I would no longer be able to "slid" on my lid! LOL! Looks good enough to eat....maybe even better than Challah!

Miriam Gittel

whoops * "slide"

Treehouse Chef

This looks yummy! I can't wait to give it a try!


I'm so jealous! I have been wanting a pullman loaf pan for so long and I just can't get beyond the $40 price tag. BUT, I think this recipe just pushed me over the edge...


Rachel--That's really funny! Great minds think alike. Hey, be sure to leave the top open a crack so you can check on the rising status. I learned the hard way that if you pull the top open to look and the dough is at the top...it's suddenly on the bottom of the pan again.

Miriam--That's why I feed it to my husband who never seems to gain an ounce (*&^%%er!). i do like Challah, though. All the eggs....

TC--Go for it!

Mary--I got mine from King Arthur. I just splurged one day and said "I'm not going to look at the price..."


So wonderful Glenna. I've baked about four different loaves in my Pullman and I'm still not totally happy - maybe I just need to follow the recipe and not fool around with it like I've been doing.

Looks like a lovely loaf!!


This bread looks perfect. Roses recipes are a little more complex but so worth it.


What a neat gadget! It must make for a denser loaf, seeing as it holds all that pressure inside?


I think I can get King Arthur flour here, I'm looking...I know I've seen it in one of our supermarkets..I love the bread gadget!!
Your bread looks excellant! ;0)


Tanna--I have that same problem! I always fool around with it. I think all it takes is just a good basic white bread recipe of about 2 lbs...and tada!

Courtney--I agree. I really like her recipes but sometimes I have to read them a few times first.

David--Sort of. But the doughs you use are usually higher yeast content for a faster rise to it doesn't come out super heavy at all, but with a nice dense crumb.

Lesley--Those flour recommendations are from Rose. Personally, I've used every kind of all purpose flour and I've never had a problem.


Thank you Glenna, I appreciate that, I'l give it a whirl ;0)


Very cool, Lesley! Hope the recipe works out well for you too.

Gracies grandpa

I made this bread for the first, but definitely not the last, time today. I made a regular sized loaf and a small one. The small one was gone in less than five minutes. This was the best bread I have ever tasted. We will be making it again and again. I wonder what changes would be needed to make it as wheat bread. By the way, the loaf weighed 39 oz. My granddaughter weighed only 1 lb 5 oz when she was born. According to doctors and nurses in the NICU, she would not survive, no chance. She is now almost four and a lot healthier than me, her grandfather. Don't let anyone tell you there is no God.


Grandpa K--Awwwww, that's such wonderful news about Gracie. Those little Littles are fighters. I just love taking care of them. It's something special. I pinch myself all the time -- I feel so lucky.

So glad you liked the bread! I haven't done whole wheat with it yet but I bet with extra water to make the dough the right consistency it would work really well. I've been using 50/50 white/wheat lately on everything and it seems to work pretty well in most recipes as long as I watch the moisture content.

TAke care!


I made this bread for the first time today,i bought the biggest pans, so i had to make 3 recipes to fill the pans(11/2 in each pan), the bread came out perfect,thanks for posting the recipe.
About your job, i think you have the best job in the world, i was a premie and my daugther, was a premie also, she weight less than 3 pounds and shes now a healthy 13 year old girl, God is always there to take care of those babies and you are part of hes team, you are an angel


I'm so pleased to find this site- I'm a bit behind the times here, but have been baking bread for more than 30 years. I recently bought one of these pans to make bread for my daughter's family, and have searched a while for a 16" loaf recipe.Thanks!


Amalia--Thank you. You're right. I do have the best job in the world. My best wishes for you and yours.

Kimberly--Enjoy your pan! I love mine. They're so fun and my family is amazed to have home-made bread in their favorite sandwich shape.

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