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June 25, 2008



Yum--it looks delicious! The sauce looks exactly like the stuff they serve with tameles at the Farmer's Market.


Thanks, Sher.


Some just don't get the lore of local places. You wouldn't think that a history of a place could change things but it does.


It totally agree. There's something really homey about mom and pop restaurants that have a charm beyond if the chairs match or if the if they use paper napkins instead of cloth.


Celeb gossip is the best! When J. Aniston and Brad were a couple they were looking for a home in my city... rumour had it they were toking up with locals. Your version of Mexican looks a lot like my local version of Mexican. Maybe not authentic, but DELICIOUS!


Have you noticed that they changed the cheese dip? Its kinda weird now......but it doesn't keep me away!

Mmm, I may need some chips and sweet sauce before the weekend is over.


Renae--LOL! You know....let's just say that doesn't surprise me. Hee hee.

Rachel--THANK YOU! That's funny because I said to Gene "Are they putting less Monterrey Jack in here?" When it cools down it looks like mostly the sauce. Which is fine except I like it cheesier. Thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy. I thought maybe I was imaging a change.

terry jones

spot on review. My significant other was horrified by the villa. First of all you just have to accept that it's not Mexican food. It doesn't fit anyplace along the ethnic food continuum. It is its own thing and it is delicious. I eat a burrito enchilada style at least once per month and Gwyneth could have at least acted like she liked Garbo's.....if only she could act.


LOL! I agree. Gwyneth could have at least been nice. You don't dis someone's home town, even if they're Brad Pitt.


First off the hot sauce is NOT Rooster sauce. All sauces are made on site. Also the cheese is NOT monterrey jack it is white american. For the record the only local pizza joint worth mentioning is Pizza House...you may now go back to your celebrity gossip.


Thanks for the info. Love the Villa!


I moved to Springfield in 1979, the Sunday before classes started that Monday at then SMS "Missouri State.". On that first day to classes I stopped in to the original Villa on National, for reasons I can't remember, to see if they had a phone. I was directed to a pay phone next to the entrance to where the bathrooms are. Upon picking up the phone, I found that the receiver was so greasy that I could barely hold on to it. I looked around at the surroundings, carpet, walls, etc. and was quite certain I would not be eating at this dive. I dropped out and moved away for a couple of years. When I came back I found a lot of my friends had moved to Springfield, and their favorite place to eat was Mexican Villa. Somehow I was talking into trying it, and it became the place I had dinner about 3 times a week for the next 10 years. Authentic......who cares. If you know how to prepare it and can stand the heat it's great.

Mexican Villa's food is really quite bland....that is until you put some hot sauce on it. Without that, in my opinion you are wasting your time. But with the sauce...well.....it's just fantastic. It is not Rooser sauce, which Is great but not served at the Villa.

My favorite thing is a regular burrito split longways with a chili relleno dropped in the split. It is then covered with the sweet & hot sauces, topped with sliced japelenos. It has been a long time since I ordered this. It's just more than my gut can take these days. If you have the constitution for things hot, try the japelenos in addition to the hot sauce on whatever. The flavor is great, and yes IT IS HOT!

To make whatever you have the best:

1. You need to order some sweet sauce. 1 per person

2. Try some mixed with the hot sauce for chip dipping, to get an idea of how much heat you can stand

3. When your food comes, particularly a burrito enchilada style, pour the sweet sauce all over everything, then add as much hot sauce as you can stand. It doesn't take a lot.

Unless you are a wimp (and barely put any on) or inhuman, you will suffer. If not now then surely later. But it is always worth it.

I personally have known of no one needing medical attention from eating the hot sauce. But I did miss half a day of work once from eating nothing but sauce and chips on an empty stomach and drinking beer.

If you eat at the Villa (with hot sauce) and are traveling, it would be wise to take a route that that affords a restroom 2-4 hours after eating. For those traveling through Kansas, God help you.

PS: Pizza House and Casper's (chilli) are also must visit eateries when in Springfield. Also the Steak & Shake on National used to be the best one I have ever been to, but it's been quite a few years since I've eaten there.


the wife and I moved to Springfield in 1989 and heard all the fuss about Mexican Villa. Both of us love authentic mexican and the Villa isn't that. But it's GREAT. Burrito Enchilada is the staple menu item and it's their best.
Villa Hot Sauce is an experience not to be missed either. My wife always orders a little sweet sauce to mix in, but I like the hot on it's own. Have to agree with a previous poster that Pizza House is THE place for pizza in Springfield.


Great to hear that some "non-natives" love it too! So many times people who move judge it too harshly. It's not authentic but it is yummy! LOL!

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