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October 13, 2007



Wow, what a wonderful haul. You do remind me of myself. I have more spices, herbs, and condiments than any cook really needs, but can't seem to resist buying them. The beans and rice flavored with annato sound wonderful, and what a great idea to add zucchini to rice and beans. It looks so colorful and healthy. Thanks for helping celebrate the two year anniversary!


I'm not really familiar with annatto. I wonder if that is what the Spanish refer to as 'color' - a cheaper substitute for saffron in the paella.
Love the rice and beans and zucchini... especially since my zucchini is STILL producing and I would really like to get some new flavors involved!


Boy, that looks delicious--and healthy. Uh....I don't think you have a shopping problem. As you and I know, there are lots of people we know who spend a lot more than you and me combined. (No names, please!)


Glenna, this seems so perfect for this anniversary of WHB! You've taken a simple thing like beans and rice and added an exotic (at least to me) spice with flavor and beauty and a fabulous veggie and put out a spectacular dish! Beautiful!
The Amish Country Store sounds heavenly, I would so love to go wild there.


Looks wonderful! I have never seen/heard of annatto. Very interesting!


Oooh! I like this recipe, Mostly i get my recipes from Cooking.com store at couponalbum.com..when i apply them they become too delicious and mind blowing..


Kalyn--LOL! Yep, guilty as charged. I love buying spices and herbs too.

Katie--Yes, I'm sure it is. I read a thing that it's the primary spice in a common Goya mix but I can't remember the name of it.

Sher--Hee hee

Tanna--thank you so much. Boy, wouldn't it be fun to have a big field trip with all of us together?

Chris--I hadn't either. It just piqued my curiosity

Sean--Thanks so much.


Woman, you are just determined to keep me livin' green with your blog. And I don't mean the kind of green Al Gore would applaud, either -- I'm a regular green-eyed monster (that would be jealousy) when I read your blog. All those spices for $40? Come ON! That's not fair! Do you know that I went into a grocery store the other day, in a hurry, and found ground cardamom (which I hadn't found at the THREE other groceries I'd visited) and threw it in the basket, and paid without thinking . . . and when I got home, that little McCormick bottle (yes, small enough to fit in a standard spice rack) cost me THIRTEEN DOLLARS!?!? I wanted to kick somebody in the teeth. Grrr.

(Sorry for such a long rant.)


Sounds like a good thing to try. I'll have to track down some annatto. I have a spice obsession too...

Deborah Dowd

Great haul! We pass a Mennonite market on the way to where we are camping this weekend and seeing your loot has inspired me to make a stop!


Kyleen--Oh yeah. I hear you. That makes me crazy! I really enjoy that the amish spices are so much more reasonable specifically because they do bring them in in bulk and with Branson being a tourist town and that place is always packed, they have a high turnover so everything is fresh...unlike the McCormick jars sometimes.

Nashbabe--Go for it. I'm really enjoying this stuff.

Deborah--Rock on! Good for you! It's like a toy store for cooks.

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