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October 29, 2007



Perfect! (Except for the soy milk!) :):) You know how I hate it.


What a great looking little box! Have you checked out Vegan Lunch Box ( veganlunchbox.blogspot.com )? If only for the lunch-box?


I've never had a cucumber sandwhich before but it looks pretty tasty! (not as tasty as the oreo's though)


Sher--LOL! I know. I can't say I love it but it's sort of growing on me...

David--Oh yeah. Love that. Although I chose my little Japanese bento boxes when I chose a lunch box. They're so cute and wonderful I just love them and the carrying case. I got them from Tokyo Gift on Ebay. Great prices, decent shipping times for coming in from Japan, and they work perfectly for me. Thanks!

Kristina--You'd like it. I really think so. It's all about the cream cheese. :-)


If you're adjusting to the soy milk but still not sold on the flavor, I recommend switching brands. You'd think it wouldn't make a difference, but I do taste differences, actually. There's something about the flavor of Soy Dream that just doesn't taste "right" to me. I like Silk's brand of soymilk. In fact, I'm having chocolate Silk soymilk in my coffee right now. Mmmmm.


Aww, I'm glad you're still using yours, because so am I! Today I brought: half a PB&J sandwich, a wedge of Happy Cow Herb & Garlic spreadable cheese, 6 crackers, a handful of green grapes, and 6 sugar snap peas (like yours, lol). I love my bento box, it's so cute and no one in my office has anything like it, so there's no confusion on whether or not that's my lunch in the fridge.


Looks yummy - one of MY personal favorite sandwiches. I have a problem that I don't eat lots of bread, so if I got GOOD bread, the bread would be stale before I finished it. So I get Breadsmith great Home-made wheat and freeze it in sandwich baggies of two slices. Then put the little baggies in a larger gallon size bag. It's actually easier to spread the cream cheese while the bread is frozen. By the time you're ready to eat it at work, it's all thawed and feeling very fresh.

You make me want to be better!


Glenna, I may have missed this, but where did you get your lunch box? I'd love to find one, and I have found a couple online, but they're not really what I want. Thanks!


Kyleen--Thanks for telling me. I was standing there about to make my choice of soy milks. I knew there was one that was significantly better but couldn't for the life of me remember which one it was! I chose wrong but I'll get the Silk next time. Thanks.

Mehgan--We're so alike! And yup, easy to found our lunch boxes.

Auntie Miranda--Oh, that's a great idea. I don't buy good bread for exactly that reason. I can't eat it. Although the white whole wheat isn't bad or bad for you but I like really rich peasant type breads too.

Tara--search for the buyer "Tokyo Gift" on ebay and/or I'll do a post this week with a link...


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