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September 29, 2007



oh yeah, butter is good! And your cinnamon-caramel buns look delicious, great job!


That is one beautiful bun there Glenna! And butter always makes it better!


That bun jumping at you when the screens loads up is just outrageous! Great job!


de-freakin-licious! good work!


Yum!! I can almost smell it! Looks absolutely delicious!


I'm with you... a cinnamon bun smothered in caramel and topped with butter... what's not to love? Great job!


Your buns look delicious. You did a great job.


Butter on top...my kind of woman!


Oh my, that looks totally decadent, I think I put on 5lbs just looking at that picture. Great job! I'm gonna have to try cardamom in them next time.


You like your rolls with butter on top ... will you marry me?

(They look amazing!)


Looks amazing and with butter on top too! Yum.


Oh my, the butter on top.. That picture made me drool, literally. Brilliant!


Your buns looks so yummy and you captured it pretty well :)


Glenna, brilliant brilliant buns. It looks lovely!


Yup, that extra pat of butter did push the buns from wonderful to divine, didn't it?
Wonderful work!


I would have been afraid that with extra butter, I wouldn't have been able to eat 3 buns in a row like I did...


I've *never* thought to put butter on top - but it looks great! :)


They look rad! The pat of butter sounds great too...I should have melted some Earth Balance on mine! :)

Butta Buns

That pat of butter just took the bun to the next level! Fantastic!


Oh Glenna, that first picture makes one blush!


Ditto. But with nuts. Lots of them. The gooier, the better. Excellent looking bun, BTW.


That's a beautifully tempting shot of the sticky bun!!


Delicious! I'm not a big cinnamon roll fan (actually, I'm not a big sweet fan...) but I think seeing all these rolls I'm going to have to make them. Darn.


I love that photo, Glenna...now I want to do a caramel glaze as well, it looks fantastic! :-)


..and butter too? Yum!


OH GOODNESS! I'm coming to your house next time you make these!! Great job on this month's challenge.


The danger of knowing what goes INTO the recipe is knowing how much butter is already there - I pretended not to know. I'll have to try cardmom next time!


...with melted butter on top. WOW! I think I might do mine again, just so I can try it that way!

Deborah Dowd

For me, the stickier the better, and now I know my husband is not alone in putting butter on his cinnamon rolls!


I never even thought of butter on top! If you'll excuse me I have some more baking to do!


Wow! Looks so rich and luscious!


Looks delicious!


Wow, love the photo! Absolutely gorgeous with that pat of butter melting on top.


Holy Moly! Looks lovely..and with butter? I can't take it! :)


I don't think anything can be made worse by adding a pat of butter, only better!

Chez Denise et Laudalino

We love a pat or a spoonful of butter on buns - these are great! Next time I will have to add butter to the table ... YUMMY!


Nice... nice... nice! Certainly looks delicious!


I didn't think of putting butter on my buns but it sounds good!

baking soda

Butter on top? That is totally over the top but I can just imagine how good it can be!


Mmmmm- a dollop of pure butter on top of my buns sounds like a wonderful idea!


Thank you, everyone, for all of your kind comments. I can't wait to see your buns too. Hee hee


Buttered buns -- how decadent! And what a perfect spiral!


But, of course, more butter. I slather butter on the rolled out dough before I sprinkle with the spice mix and I like a butter glaze on top (also called thinned down buttercream). Your rolls look delicious. Wendy


I've never tried my bun with a pat of butter. Now I know what I'm having for breakfast! Great buns. :)


I saw that on a diner menu once, and have wanted to try it ever since. I always forget when I have buns around, though. Thanks for the reminder!


I've never had a pat of butter on top, but now I want to go home and make some so I can try it! It looks delicious!


Wonderful Glenna. I love a good bun. That photo is to die for.


Thank you, folks. I really appreciate the kind comments. And your enthusiasm for butter!


Oooh more butter, how deliciously sinful!


Love your hot buns!!!

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