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July 01, 2007



Now, Glenna, don't you just know getting lost is the absolutely best way to find yourself!
Would you say you liked this place?
Great photos! So glad you finally made it to the party and home so you could post this one.


I remember you at Dean & Delucca, so I can imagine the ecstatic trance you went into at this place! It looks great! I predict they will see a lot of you there. :):) By the way, I love that Plugra butter. It's sooooo delicious.


Tanna--Okay, I liked it maybe a little. :-) Glad I got lost too! That was well worth driving all over that end of town.

Sher--I know! It was just like that. Me worshipping at the King Arthur altar. Can't wait to try the butter. I've seen it on the net and Auntie Miranda told me one of their factories makes it, but never had the pleasure until now. Yum!


first, thanks SO much for commenting on my blog! i was starting to fear noone liked me :( anyway, i appreciate it.

this place sounds so awesome! in KC i have a favorite store called better cheddar but the cheddar block sounds like the same concept only bigger & with more stuff. if i'm ever in springfield, i'll have to put this place on my list.


WOw! What a great store! I would go crazy in there and probbaly spend all my money and then some!


I am so jealous!!! You'd think as big a town as Vegas is we'd have something even remotely similiar. *sigh*

BTW, what color cake plate did you get? I have the olive one (love it but wish it had a lid) and I also have the grill pan (love it too!)

Steamy Kitchen

incredible store! bake away girl, bake away!


I never realized how lucky I am to live in Boston - the land of Trader Joe's, Whole Foods... Every grocery store no matter how ghetto carries at the very least some sort of King Arthur Flour! Though I had never heard of the Nielsen-Massy extracts. Must resist buying more baking goods...


OMG! That store sounds AWESOME! I'm totally going.


Candy--my pleasure! And I think they might be related somewhat. I did a goodle search and they do seem to be similar. Very cool! We live in the same state and we both have a gourmet cheese/foods store. yay for us!

Helene--Yep, that's MY plan! LOL!

Alisha--Oh surely you guys have something! Man, I can't imagine all that great food coming into the hotels and no one thinking to open a store for the locals. On the other hand, yeah, I sort of can. Call the culinary institute and see if they've heard of anyplace local to buy from...???

I got the mustard one.

SK--LOL! Oh man, don't you know I will be!

LBP--Yes, you're back east. you're right. You have access we don't. I used to mail order Nielsen Massey when I had the cake business because I simply couldn't get it here any other way. Wild, huh?

Rachel--Go for it! Tell Jana and Chris I said "Hi!"


OMG, Glenna. We have been web-looking at houses in MO., and the only reason I shied away from Springfield is because I thought the only foodie shops would be in St. Louis, or maybe K.C. Where I live now, I have to drive for about an hour to buy any gourmet goodies/supplies.


Dianne--fear Springfield no more! That is pretty funny. We actually do have foodie stuff available in this town, you just have to know where to go. We also have some very good chefs who do cooking classes, the grocery stores are finally starting to bring in higher grades of products and more ethnic products, and the farmers' markets, orchards, and family farms are excellent. We also have a local dairy who's milk stays here and is convenient to get to and local free range chicken farms for eggs with high omega-3's. It's not as bad as I joke about.

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So glad you made it to Carolyn's Taste of Home Entertaining party. It was great meeting you. Do me a favor and check out our new catalog http://gina.tohe.com/catalog for me. I would love the opinion of a real "foodie".

Gina Smith


That link isn't working - try this one, then click on the catalog. Thanks for the feed back. http://gina.tohe.com


Thanks for commenting Gina

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Mmmmm cheddar. One thing us English have got right with cheese.

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