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July 06, 2007



thank for tagging me :) i feel like i just might become a real member of this food blogging community now! i'm reluctantly getting ready for work now so i'll have to write later tonight.

i love imdb.com too! i check it every time i watch a movie & then sit there & click link after link, getting further & further from what i originally looked up, ALWAYS reading the trivia.

i don't consider myself a southerner at all, i'm a midwesterner, but i love sweet tea! shoot, now i want some.


Candy--I'm the same with IMDB. It's addictive!


Hi Glenna, I can totally relate to the stiff, curly, wavy book pages....I just laughed as I have several books that look the same.


Hi Glenna - I loved reading about you. Thank you for tagging me!


Aww! You're so sweet! I'm thinking you found a friend too! *smile*


I've already been tagged for that meme, but what the hay, I'll do it again. :o) Funny, too, that you posted about going to see Ratatouille tonight -- I just sent out a mass email to local friends seeing if anyone wanted to go with me tonight. So far I've got one taker and two maybes. ;o) I'll let you know how much I loved it.


I'm going to see the film on Sunday and I am really looking forward to it.

I've never been able to read in the bathtub because I get the book way too wet! :):)


okay, i finally finished (after losing the entry once, considering hari-kari & then writing it again). http://eatheregetgas.bravejournal.com/entry/23240


Julie--"curly, wavy" yep, you know what I'm talking 'bout!

Margaret--thank you- you're very kind.

Muffin--Big smile!

Kyleen--let me know about the movie, 'kay?

Sher--same--let me know about the movie, "kay? I only have a few more days of freedom before going back to work. I might be able to sneak a movie in.

Candy--YEAH!! You rock! Sorry about the hassle though!~

Butta Buns

Uh oh, does this mean I have to complete another meme? Touche.

That's so funny about how you know character actors. I bet you rock at 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon too. And I'm with you on number 6 all the way.


BB--No, no, don't worry about it. Halloween rocks!


Awww, you're so sweet for tagging me! Especially since I was on vacation, it was a really sweet treat to come home to. You're wonderful!


Oh good! Something fun to come home too!

poker world

nice post thanks!

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