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June 11, 2007



Oh man! I don't have a good donut recipe..... Do tell!


Hey, I want donuts for dinner! Think I can convince my daughter she doesn't need a cake for her birthday today but donuts? LOL I can't wait to see your recipe for them.


Beautiful pictures! I can practically smell the wonderful yeasty odor as I look at them. Yum!!!!!!

Butta Buns

That's definitely in the top 3 things I love most about being an adult, dessert first. The donuts look wonderful!


I highly commend donuts for dinner.

I'm way too afraid of using a fryer----



Rachel--give these a try. I've made doughnuts before. My mom used to make them all the time when I was a kid but I like this recipe. it's simple but it comes together to be a very nice, just sweet enough, and very light dough.

Alisha--Sure! Just pipe her name and "Happy birthday" on a couple!

Sher--thanks! Love that new camera!

BB--Yep, have to agree with that!

Jenny--the skillet method isn't bad. The one thing you need to do is use a candy thermometer so you know how hot that oil is at all times.

Susan P

MMMMM I'm hungry.


I'm so happy to know that's a good recipe!
Gorgeous bread and doughnuts.


such beautiful pictures..yes supper as an adult..can be anything..mine...a typical standby is popcorn..lol..it works..or maybe rice and corn..the simpler the better..lol..had a late lunch and not at all hungry..lol..enjoying some days off..I am not a baker..lol..I can make drop biscuits..no bannock..and would rather cook a dinner then breakfast anyday..lol..that drink looked scrumptious..always awesome when we are cared for..have a superb week!!


Susan--Let's see...more left on the counter! Come on over. Okay, well the donuts are gone. My sister and her daughters came over the other night and that was the end of the donuts.

Tanna--Thanks so much! Let me know if you do the donuts what you thought.

Joyce--Thank you very much!

Deborah Dowd

I can't even remember the last time I had homemade doughnuts- your's are a light and delicious-looking inspiration (to go off my diet!)


Deborah--Thanks so much! I know. I try to watch the bread too but sometimes you just need to eat what sounds good.


Wow! Love the doughnuts, they're gorgeous!


Thanks, Brilynn!


Mmmm...doughnuts, always a good choice!


Absolutely! Thanks,Peabody.


Hey! I just came across your blog...that bread and those donuts looked delicious! I used to make bread all the time with my trusty old bread machine, but I haven't done it in about 5 years. I tried just over the long weekend to whip up some sundried tomato bread, and the whole machine just sort of fell apart. So I'm in the market for a new one...here's a website I'm looking through for possible replacements. What do you think about the first one, that Sunbeam model?



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