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May 12, 2007



Absolutely!! That looks like the quilt pattern. Beautiful! The black thing must be a gentic thing some teens go through. My sister wanted to paint her room all black! :):) Hang in there with the knee. After you have the operation to clear out the torn cartilage, you will be tap dancing at work! And dinner looks great! Gimpy! :):)


I'm sorry you're having such a crappy time. That stinks. Rest, read books, and take care of yourself.


Dadgum, that's something to eat? I thought it was a retro platter from the 50s. Hang on and I'll find that hotel for ya...


Sorry about your knee! I detest being in the bed for more than three days. Ha!! Can you tell I sorta look forward to those few times I'm sick,like once a year? Here's the link to the Union Station Hotel in Nashville: http://www.wyndham.com/hotels/BNAUS/main.wnt?cid=ROMYWB1483 I don't know how to link directly in Typepad -I have enough trouble with it in Xanga even though I have Firefox. Looks like a beautiful place. We'll be at the Embassy Suites near Vandy. I'm taking her to Sambuca for dinner. Went went to the one in Atlanta to hear my favorite band, Acoustic Alchemy, and found the food at least four star.

Get well soon!


Sher--I like the flowers. Now that I have them drying I can see the whole cake in my head, if you know what I mean. Would love to do a quilt cake with those things...I think it would be awesome. I can see a mini version as petit fours for a tea party, too.

Kalyn--thanks for the sympathy. You make me feel better already!

Lin--I know! It does look a little retro but Gene's loving it so that takes the guilt off, you know? Thanks for the hotel link. Can't wait to check it out!

Butta Buns

Hope the knee gets better and you're back to your usual self soon. But in the meantime, take all the time you need to get there.

Before reading the entry properly, I thought it was a retro tray too. Black and white buttercream, Ace of Cakes eat your heart out! It's seriously cool and your niece is sure to love it.


Thanks! I'm hoping to make something really killer for both her and Isaac. Wish me luck!


Knee injuries suck. Completely. I've not had to have surgery yet, but I was with my mom the first week after her full replacement last year. The first few days were rough, but after that it was more a matter of keeping the frustration level down until she could move as quickly as she wanted to. And no more pain. I have to think scope recovery is quicker -- and you have a good attitude.

I love the flowers. I saw retro '60s, too, but retro IS modern right now. Can't wait to see the final product!


I am so sorry to hear about your knee. My mom is having a really bad time with her osteo arthritis.

I'm sending positive thoughts your way and wishes for a speedy recovery.

The flowers look great and can't wait to see the cakes.


Beautiful! I look forward to the finished cake! And I hope your knee feels better soon!


kt--I'm hoping for the same good recovery for my knee too. Thanks for sharing that. I need all the "it will be okay"s I can get right now. And thanks about the flowers. I didn't really see them as retro until several folks commented and now I see that as the direction I'll go with the cake.

Cynthia--thanks about the knee. I certainly feel for your mom. It's not just the not being able to get around, it's the constant ache that gets to you.

Anne--I'm getting excited about the cake too. Can't wait until next week!


Poor you!!! I really do empathize, my knee is acting up too after all the packing and running upstairs and down for a month before our move.

I hope you feel better soon.


Had two scopes for meniscus tears last year. Recovery is pretty quick - you'll be able to walk in a day or two - then it's just a matter of strengthening and getting your full range of motion back. That takes a month-- six weeks. Nothing like pain to make us appreciate when we don't have any, huh? Don't get down - just get it done and get better.


Ruth--thanks for the well wishes!

Denise--So sorry you've had two scopes already but you're making me feel a lot better about mine!


May 24 is a lovely day for a birthday- not only do your sweeties share the day with my daughter-in-law, its the day AFTER my wedding anniversary.

Sorry to hear about your knee- I think about stuff like that every time I go up and down stairs- it really hurts a lot.



Happy almost wedding anniversary! yay for you!
I hear you about the stairs. They are not my friends right now.

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