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November 30, 2006



I've never used Cardamom before...interesting :)


I didn't know that cardomam is what gives graham crackers their distinctive taste. Interesting. Good ole' Alton. The pudding looks fabulous!


I say if you're going to sin, go for a big one. I think carbonara with scallops sounds divine. If we ever get to have dinner together I'll tell you my rice pudding story from when I was in the fourth grade. Great photo of the rice pudding. I bet Alton Brown would be very happy with it.


Jeff--Play with it. I really like it alone or as an addition to anything with cinnamon and/or nutmeg. Yum!

Sher--Yeah, I remember reading that somewhere and thinking "Oh, okay." and then tasting it and suddenly being able to identify it. I've always loved graham crackers.

Kalyn--You're on! Would love to hear this story!


I love making carbonara with seafood in it - I usually add some pequin peppers too to give it a little kick. I eat it maybe - twice a year. Otherwise, you would find me dead with a big smile on my face.


Rosie--yeah us too, we don't eat it often but when we do we really enjoy it! The peppers would be greeeeat!

joydev paul

1-lts milk.100gm flavored rice.2tbsp raisin.2tbsp cashew,200gm sugar,2pices cardamom .reduce the milk.put rice till tender.add raisin,cashew.1 bay leaves,cardamom.make thick pudding,add sugar.keep in freeze for set.garnish with roasted nuts and dry fruits

thanks- chef joydevpaul


I am so glad I clicked on your link while searching for a different recipe for East Indian Rice Pudding! I really enjoy your writing style! Will be reading more!


p.s. Are respiratory games somewhat like reindeer games without the red nose? ;)


Barb--Thank you! You're very kind. I love to write and we might as well have fun, right? And yes, now that I think of it, respiratory games could be like reindeer games. We do call each other names (but only in fun). And even when I complain during a bad winter I sure do love those checks. It's just one of those things in the hospital, for some reason chemically comatose patients can't run their own ventilators. What's up with that, right? :-)

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