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September 14, 2006



Yes, we have all been there. Don't kick yourself too hard.

I was published twice in a Reiman magazine, Light and Tasty, including having my recipe on the cover of the magazine, AND featured on it's website so I know ALL about that feeling of pride. Good work!


Hey..sometime food ends up being very tasty chow!! I'd still devour that :D


Congratulations on having your recipe published! That's amazing!


Very cool! I love this magazine!

Susan Anderson Meadows

Love your middle name - oh, yeah, the recipe was very good, too.


Kate--Congratulations! Question-was your entry a contest or regular submission? I've noticed that now Reiman, in all publications in all contests, adds a footnote that even if your recipe doesn't win they consider any recipe you send them legally theirs to do with as they please whether they pay for it or not. I personally find that insulting.

Jeff--chow, yes! Church basement recipes, unpretentious.

Ivonne and Alanna--Thank you!

Susan--Hey, I like your middle name too! Amazing, snicker!


Congratulations--but I think it looks very good! I like dark meat too. And look at the cheese. When a gal been eating vegan for a week--that is speaking to me!


Congratulations!!! I see your pics really not bad, anyone who enjoys cooking and eating can tell your casserole is truely delicious just by reading your recipe!


Congratulations Glenna. I love the OFA. I don't have this issue.


Congrats Glenna! It never fails that when you need to take pictures for your blog - something happens. However, I would still eat it up with a spoon!


Sher--no kidding, there can never be too much cheese in the world!

Gattina--You're being kind but I appreciate it.

Coffeepot--Thanks! It really was exciting.

Rosie--Another cursing moment in my life. I should start a photo album just for those.


Congratulations! I'd be all excited too. Your fifteen minutes of fame ... other than the fame from your blog, of course!


Pat--Yes! Hey, (giggle) but at least my magazine will be on the stands all year!

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