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August 05, 2006



Great post Glenna! Bob loves Braunschweiger, it's his favorite thing to put on a sandwich. But I get sick at the sight of it because we had to give our dog heart worm medication when I was a teenager. Back then, it came in a liquid and we had to pour the liquid into a chunk of Oscar Meyer Braunschweiger and form it into a ball with our hands, then give it to our dog. That was the only way he would take the medication. My hands would stink of Braunschweiger for hours, even after I washed them. So....I know that Bob will love this. But, if I eat any, it better not get on my hands!


I'VE MADE THIS!! I had some left over braunschweiger in my fridge and needed to throw something together for a gaming night...the guys liked it but I never told them it was liver! They would have freaked.

I love braunschweiger. I even get smoked braunschweiger. It is the food of the gods with some onion and a german-style mustard on a sturdy rye bread.

I am working on some items for WOBAT. Give me some time - I've given up some of those dishes as I have gotten older and now you have brought memories flooding back.

I want to point out that Home Cooking Magazine, the best selling cooking magazine in America, specializes in precisely the type of dishes you are talking about. Don't believe me? Just check out their recipe swap section and see what people are asking for. http://www.homecookingmagazine.com/pages/recipe_swap.php

While I love sushi and all the other high end type foods, I still love my tuna casserole and chili mac. It is good stuff and make me think of happy memories when I eat them. And the great thing is, I am giving my daughter the same happy memories by sharing the food with her at the dinner table. I bet my grandkids will eat the same things too, and will be told "Your greatgrandma and grandma used to make this for me when I was a little kid." It is culture in food form and people who poo poo those dishes are cutting themselves loose from their roots. It's ok to be secretly happy with eating banana boats and fried twinkies. If it makes you happy, it must be alright.


Yes! Yes! Yes! You get it. That's exactly what I'm talking about. And by the way, I love my tuna casserole and my sushi, too. I see no contradiction there. :-)


Sher--I can definitely see why the braunschweiger doesn't do anything for you, but I love when we alternate talking about farmer's markets with the fact that you and I grew up eating all the same foods and our family's cooked the same ways. It's the southern thing.


Rosie--forgot to say I know of that magazine! And you're right, that's exactly church basement recipes to me. I had a friend who subscribed to it and one day when I was talking about food with another friend she said something about being very "gourmet" because she subscribed to that food mag and read all of their kitchen tips. I remember thinking "uhhh, not gourmet" (defined as connossieur) but instead said out loud that I admire any of us who treat cooking like a skill and are willing to put time and effort into increasing it. And not knocking it, I've picked up a couple of issues at the grocery and I've never made a bad recipe from it.


Glenna -

My mom had a two year subscription a while back and she really enjoyed some of the recipes. I have a lemon pie recipe that is a big crowd pleaser that came from one issue...it goes over exceptionaly well at potlucks..imagine that!


Potlucks--yes! You know, I don't think there's anything wrong with kind of cooking. It's just different. I don't know, guys. I get that fresh and organic and all those things are great and wonderful but I'm not a snob by nature. I also respect the food and the time, effort, and creativity home cooks like my mom put into their meals.

Lisa Morgan

I have definitely tagged this one. It looks great. And my husband seems to have fond memories of braunschweiger, so I think I'll spring it on him as a surprise.


Lisa--Go for it! I promise if he likes the braun, he'll like this. It's like Braunschweiger on steroids: looks da** good, but you don't want to think too hard about it.


My mother was an amazing Church Basement cook--although she sometimes ventured into the exotic. Great idea for an event.


Lucette--Thanks! And my mom too. She always served up good down to earth food but then once in a while she would do something exotic to us, just for fun.


OMG! I'd forgotten about this. I used to make this all the time when we lived in St Louis in the 60's and early 70'. Only you should know that what you're doing there is pretty gourmet compared to the way I did it. All I ever used was Braunschweiger, mayo, green onions, sweet pickle relish, Worcestershire sauce. You've really dressed it up.
Certainly a fun event!


Tanna--YES! I got this out of a local junior league cookbook (and then messed with the recipe as usual for me) but that's exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. Good tasty food that we've all been making for years that the food snobs in us are embarrassed to admit we love!

Go make it. You know you won't regret it. :-)


Gosh, are there really other people out there that eat this stuff? I thought I was the only one. Full of cholesterol, and so good for you, especially with mayonaisse and sliced onion on bread. Just like aspirin, I suspect that cholesterol will be found to be good for us in the next decade. How could braunschwieger feel so right inside if it was harmful?


Sue--Loved your comment--thanks! I agree. I think it's all about moderation. People have been eating this stuff for centuries. Come on. We have to keep it all in perspective, which is the one thing we, as a culture really hate to do. We'd much rather be snobs and pat ourselves on the back or sometimes run screaming off into the sunset convinced that one food or food type will either be the end of us or the magic to cure all ills.

rosina taylor

it was so great to find braunswaer pate on your site, i had lost my receipe but i think yours is very close to mine. on aug. 5 you posted sher's comment about the pate and her dog! how disgusting is that and why would anyone do that. now that i have read her comment i will make and share the pate but i will never be able to eat it again myself. but i am grateful to find the receipe - but sher - UGH!!!!!!


Rosina--Ahhh...don't let the dog thing get you down. You'll forget it in a couple of days. :-A)

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