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July 19, 2006



That looks great!! Tasso is a very intense, highly flavored (as you would expect from Louisiana) smoked "ham" type product. It has cayenne and other spices rubbed onto it. But, hey--you can't go wrong with bacon! Nice picture!



michael jones

Oh, that looks so great! I am sure that it will be delicious! I will put it down in my notebook with picky eater recipes! Thank you very much!

A Sensible Southerner

Grits in a fancy wine glass is an abomination. You have perverted a fine, hearty food that the salt-of-the-earth workers of this nation enjoy on a daily basis into some kind of ritzy-titzy, hoity-toity, froo-froo SPECTACLE that a bunch stuck-up snooty busy-bodies can gibber over as they vainly peruse the Wall Street Journal discussing variable stock options, sipping imported java beverages and daintily blotting their oh-so privileged lips with satin cloths. Your dish is nothing less than an outright mockery of all things grits.


Glenna, beautiful presentation! I love the addition of chimichurri, and will try this out tonight at our dinner party. Thanks!


Thanks Erika!!!!

Alycia nichols

Shrimp and grits is what's on the menu tonight in my Mother's VERY Northern kitchen. When she pulled out the packets of Quaker microwave grits, I knew we were doomed! Very obviously she's not going to pull up with any tasso. She's planning to substitute turkey bacon! Lord, help us all! I'm praying there's a teaspoon or so of Cajun seasoning somewhere in that cabinet to kick it up a notch! Mom is "babysitting" me since I just had spine surgery a few days ago. I am a very good cook. Mommy? Not so much, and I think we're going to get a very vivid reminder of that! I know I sound like I'm just whining when I should be expressing nothing but gratitude for her willingness to take care of me AND cook outside of her wheelhouse while I'm in my wheelchair. I am, in fact, quite appreciative and rooting for her that she actually is able to pull this off taste wise. When I am back up on my feet, I will give this a try using a combination of thick sliced bacon and pancetta. I want to do the individual servings at Mom's annual birthday bash in late March!

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