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hi want to know this size fit how old preemie ?

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  • Knitting for the NICU Knitting Group
    Suzanne, Jordan, Sydney, Kisha, Shelly, and Yung for being intrepid enough to learn new techniques and give of their time and hearts to this project!
  • Melissa "Lisa" Letterman
    NICU RN who goes above and beyond in helping support this project.
  • Sarah from Mom's Knitting (link)
    Who organizes a yearly Oct/Nov NICU knit-a-thon on her blog to motivate us all.
  • Gene aka The Hubby
    Who makes suggestions, appreciates my efforts, and who said when seeing the turkey butt hat for the first time "You are so perverse. Those poor babies don't know what they've gotten in to." But he laughed while he said it so I think it was a compliment.
  • RN's, RT's, and Docs of our NICU
    All of whom support me and Aunti, and keep me inspired by their devotion to our babies.
  • Aunti Miranda
    Who knits by my side and shares my perverse sense of humor.
  • Dianne of Dianne's Dishes Food Blog (link)
    Who sent the bubbas that huge grand box of assorted yarns for me to knit up more hats and booties.
  • MICU Nights Team Leader
    This gentleman, a fellow RT, was the first to hand me money (and wanted to be anonymous) for yarn, won't be named by name (Tom McCue)...
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